Holi Kailash Tour


This is the shortest and the most direct approach to Mt. Kailash and Manosarovar, best suited for those on pilgrimage or for those whose time is limited. We drive via Khasha (Zhangmu) through the southern route to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manosarovar and return via the same route back to Kathmandu.

Itinerary Overview

Day 01 : Arrival Ktm Transfer to Hotel
Day 02 : Free Day in Ktm Hotel
Day 03 : Drive to Zhangmu transfer to Hotel
Day 04 : Drive to Nyalam for Acclimatization, Camp or G/H
Day 05 : Stay in Nyalam, Camp or G/H
Day 06 : Drive to Saga, Camp
Day 07 : Drive to Paryang, Camp
Day 08 : Drive to Manosarovar, Camp
Day 09 : Free Day in Manosarovar, Camp
Day 10 : Drive to Purang, Camp or G/H
Day 11 : Free Day in Purang, Camp or G/H
Day 12 : Drive to Darchen, Camp
Day 13 : Free Day in Darchen, Camp
Day 14 : Trek around Kailash, Camp
Day 15 : Trek around Kailash, Camp
Day 16 : End of Trek at Darchen, Camp
Day 17 : Drive to Paryang, Camp
Day 18 : Drive to Saga, camp
Day 19 : Drive to Peikutso, Camp
Day 20 : Drive to Zhangmu, Hotel
Day 21 : Free Day in Ktm, Hotel
Day 22 : Final Departure transfer to airport