Bhote Koshi River Rafting


This is the most action-packed canyon river for short rafting trips. Small waterfalls and 90 degree bends are the obstacles you will have to overcome on this river. It’s only 3 hours of early morning drive from Kathmandu to rafting put-in point at Balephi and ends at Dolalghat.

Itinerary Overview

Day 1: A 95 km spectacular drive from Kathmandu to the starting point Lomosangu Dam. We raft the first 10 km of the MOST exciting stretch of the river and then drive back to the starting point to play again the same stretch the next day. Lunch and camp. 
Day 2: After breakfast we hit the river at the same point we rafted the day before and yet enjoy the same ride once again. Lunch en-route the river and continue the action until we reach out-point Dolalghat Bazaar. Then drive back to Kathmandu.